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The depraved elite: the German and the world elite

In context with my discoveries I have to ask and should one ask, what are the reasons why my discoveries have not yet been taken up and accepted, but have been ignored as shown in previous chapters.



Brief historical consideration


Mental narrowing and constriction - stupidity


The depravity and the corruption of the elite (and society), hypocrisy


A "new" enlightenment (education, elutidation, understanding) is necessary

1. Brief historical consideration

Before I consider possible causes and reasons, I would like to look back historically and determine that some discoveries of natural laws were more or less ahead of their time. This meant that discoveries, once made, were initially not understood by anyone or only later. A prime example is the discovery of the heliocentric system by Nicolaus Copernicus, in which the sun is at the center of our planetary system and not our earth.

But there have also been many examples in the history of the discoveries of natural laws in which significant discoveries were known, taken up and recognized while the discoverer was still alive. These include, for example, those of Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton. That would not have been possible if there had not been people at that time who had at least understood something of the discoveries presented. The same can be said of Darwin's discoveries. Also Darwin would not have received attention and recognition at the time of his life if there had not been at least a few people who had been interested in his discoveries and then tried to understand his representations.

2. Mental narrowing and constriction - stupidity

Today there is a lack of an appropriately educated elite capable of recognizing contexts which, as for example in my case of the discovery of the laws of nature, are also interdisciplinary. Due to the specialization and social development that has taken place in the last few decades, the ability to recognize comprehensive contexts, especially in the fundamentals, is less demanded and encouraged, and decades ago people spoke of "specialized idiots" in this context. In the meantime, the specialization has progressed even further and everything has gotten much worse in this regard, which has led to more "mental narrowing and constriction".
People are no longer challenged when it comes to their ability to recognize interdisciplinary relationships, their view is narrowed (channelled, tunnelled), which can generally also be described as a kind of stupidity.

3. The depravity and the corruption of the elite (and society), hypocrisy

One consequence of this kind of stupidity (described before) is that in fundamental, i.e. fundamental interdisciplinary contexts, the view for the effects is lost. People exercise first of all an activity through which they above all secure their existence. This also means that little attention is paid to the effects themselves, whether they are good or bad. This disregard for the better in favour of the worse, but what is more profitable, is what constitutes depravity and corruption. This is now the case in the world: no matter how bad something is, if it only leads to money or other profit, it will be done before anything else.

It is the strong independence without regard for the whole, while at the same time consideration for the society, the environment and the fellow human beings is feigned, what can be described as depravity and corruption. It is the so-called hypocrisy: the behaviour exclusively in one's own interest, for one's own benefit under the pretence of advantages that the others supposedly have.

4. A "new" enlightenment (education, elutidation, understanding) is necessary

The stupidity on the one hand and the depravity of the ruling elites - as described above - also prevent the recognition of real science and the recognition of the work of real scientists. This is happening now in Germany and in the world. We are experiencing a dark period in the history of human science and a new enlightenment is more and more necessary. And this ENLIGHTENMENT can only come about through human science. It is the science of life, of human experience and behaviour (in a narrower understanding, psychology) which, despite all necessity, is not considered by the elites at the time of today's capitalist democracy. 

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